Friday, April 18, 2008

Because of my Mom

I think of all the things Mom did with us as children. Coloring and making construction paper flowers. She even made hollow egg figures for my social studies project. The cooing and making over us she did when we were hurt or sick. We loved it. She has a soft heart and a strong will. She taught me the most valueable lessons and held me through the hurt when I wouldn't listen. She shared with me her love of God and neighbor and for this I could never thank her enough for. Her unselfish love and creativity has had great influence in me as a mom. Coloring with my daughter, collecting purses and shoes, picking out fabric together, reading and making cookies too. Well, I think I may need to work on the unselfish part though. (Hmmm I will think on that.) I can not say I have always been creative. Someone recently mentioned my having "great skill and creativity". The creativity seems to be overflowing in my later years. I think my children help me with that. Or maybe I am more settled. Or was I always creative and just didn't find it 'til now? What is the definition of creativity anyway? I will have to ask Mom.

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