Sunday, April 27, 2008

Washington Zoo Field Trip

PhotobucketI went to the zoo with Adriana's 3rd grade class on Friday. We rode the Metro, and that was a neat experience for the kids. It was a beautiful day so there were lots of people and most of the animals were out and we saw quite a few of them. I thought it kinda funny because everywhere I looked I thought I saw familiar faces. Not in the animals but the people,lol. Maybe because we were in D.C. and the folks just look like people from home? Interestingly, I did meet up with a couple I know from Gettysburg. Small world huh? They had come to see the Big Cats. They are so amazingly beautiful. I liked the tiger the most, although I think he really wanted out. Some of the animals were very comical. One elephant did a little strut and crossed his hind legs posing for pictures. The gorillas reclined in the sun keeping an eye on everybody. I took a picture of gorilla feet sticking out of a tree house. I had never seen a hippo before and the capybara was the happiest of all, I think. I felt sorry they were penned up though. One day I would like to see all of them without electric fences and guard rails.


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