Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am a die hard clearance shopper. I refuse to pay regular price for anything that is not a absolute necessity. I have a trained eye for orange, yellow and red tags on shelves and racks. OH yes, I 've fallen victim to the I better get it now or it will be gone reasoning and then a month later find the same thing marked down to a FRACTION of what I paid. That's not right! Yesterday I went to a craft store and found some really neat swarovski crystals with flat backs perfect for embellishing cards and such. Well they were a deal at more than half off. But when all the so called deals I had found were rung up it came to a whopping $100.00! I think I know now what the deer in the headlight look is, 'cause I had it. I even paid with a check and I think the clerk thought it would bounce because I was so wide eyed over the total price. So on the way home I am wondering what I can part with and return. Or will I go back and buy the rest? That is how feed my pack rat habit. I buy because it was such a good price and I am sure I will need it later. I been a joggin' my noggin' all night long on what creative little diddy I can come up with to justify my latest impulsiveness. I have come to the conclusion that clearance tags are a way to just get us to spend more. yep yep yep!

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