Monday, May 5, 2008

Death and then Life

Death. It has touched my life too many times these days. Why? An age old question that all of us ask a time or two. ( Warning...stop now if you are not in the mood for a religious view point. I am not a "preacher" nor a "holy roller" but I do have some very solid religious beliefs that give me comfort when I think of the cruel realities of death.) God made Adam and Eve for a reason and even though his original plan was interrupted, he still plans for humans to live forever. Thinking of the world as it is today. Death and then Life or Life and then Death? Every time I load up my home page on the Internet I read the horror headlines.....someone has frozen children in their freezer or let their mother mummify on the kitchen floor or who knows what else........It is so disheartening. Sickening really. But those that have died are they now peaceful instead of an object of brutality? I see death as a resting place. A beautiful end for some yet the greatest pain ever felt for another. Did the Almighty intend for his magnum opus, that made in his own image, to to act this way? Creation: "and it all came to be so... "After that God saw everything he had made and look! it was very good..." Are we very good? hmmmm? Seems sad Adam was so selfishly unappreciative of all good things God had made and that only He could be responsible for his own breath and life. Now the reality of it all, when said and done is, Death. Adam put a dent in the perfect mold of mankind. Passed it on allllll the way down to us. It is now a bent, banged, and bashed version quite distant from that of Adam's little dent. Eye for Eye and Tooth for Tooth and what Adam lost had to be recovered in a Man. A perfect Man. The son of God. Reining King of God's Kingdom. Where the miracles he performed in his earthly ministry will become a reality. Where the last enemy death will be no more. Nor the pain and suffering. Through he, that was by his father's side during all creation, Jesus. Trust in God's promise to fulfill his original purpose for the earth and bring it back to a paradise where the meek ones will reside. The meek, are they weak and unworthy being stamped out like a undesireable insect? The bad who seem to flourish like the cherry blossoms in spring time and sprout like potatoes? "Do not show yourself heated up because of the evildoers. Do not be envious of those doing unrighteousness. For like grass they will speedily wither and like green new grass they will fade away. " Well I say, I would rather be a meek one and have the chance to out live these bad potatoe sprouts that keep popping up. I will be glad for the day when the one manuevering things in these critical times will no longer be a roaring like lion but abyssed and finally destroyed forever.

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