Thursday, May 1, 2008

Have not blogged for a few days. Just working up to the reality I have to go back to work on May 5th. I tell ya my wrist feels ok but the scar is bothering me a lot. Seems so sensitive to pressure even my sleeve cuff.....kinda weird. I see the Dr. tomorrow. Gabriel and I spent the morning looking at my spring flowers. They are really pretty this year because of all the rain. We have spring kitties too. They are all grey just like the mother. Adriana has changed their names several times already and still has not decided what to call them. She says we have one male and two females. Poche will be the male's name. She let my grand-daughter name him. Pj day at school for Adriana tomorrow. She is so excited about wearing her frog pjs and her frog slippers. She is a Kermit fan. Me too!

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