Saturday, June 14, 2008

American Cancer Society

Citi's Relay for Life 2008 was great fun. I recently joined a group called Dodson's Cruisers. These folks are powerful advocates of Relay for Life. They have been selling goodies all week, drafting whoever has a spare minute or spare change to donate their time and efforts for a great cause. This year Citi's goal was 555,555.00. (I am waiting to hear the total and will update you later.) After last nights car show, 50/50, and snow cone sale. I am confident Dodson's Cruisers made a solid contribution to that goal.

Gabriel, Adrian and I sold 50/50 tickets through out the crowd while Adriana helped with the snow cones. The cars were fabulous. I had never been to a car show and was so impressed with the participants.

Adriana had a new experience with the dunk tank. She did not capture the idea that the guy getting dunked is supposed to make fun and make you angry so you throw the ball and dunk him. So Adriana got tired of him calling her stupid and ran up and pushed the lever so he fell in. Needless to say they made her forfiet the balls she never got to throw. I thought it was pretty funny and explained it all. Adriana said she was just tired of calling her a 'stupid girl scout'!

Seriously. Cancer is such a sad and cruel disease. It has touched many lives. Our own may need the benefits of the American Cancer Society one day. So take a minute and reflect on whether or not you can spare a few $$$. After all do we really need another latte or Big Mac?

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