Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time. It is interesting how time changes us. I have debated a while on writing this post because it has been a topic of preoccupation over the past few months. Time can change persons in a physical sense such as grey hair and gained weight even wrinkles. These are the things we can see with our human eye and therefore understand.

Interestingly time can change the person we are inside too. Light hearted, young, without responsibility and life experience compared with Married with children, drowning in life experience and responsibility?

Well if I had to chose I would not want to go back in time but I would want those that I have known through all these years of adjustment and learning not to change too much. Why can we not accompany responsibility with lightheartedness.? If change has developed you into a person you were not why not look back and salvage a bit of the person you were?

Life is too short.

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