Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mud College

Adriana was off to Mud College yesterday. She had to dress the part of Margaret Cosgrove. Mud College is a one room school house and her character was in the 8th grade. She had the best time. She wanted to dress up and sneak back with the class going today.

First of all, we hit the GoodWill for a old time blouse and decided to use a black skirt black tights and black ankle boots to go along with it. She had her hair braided in two long braids and an adorable brown flowered bonnet.

She skipped off to school with her lunch basket full of goodies and her inhaler to boot. (We disguised that in a vintage hankie).

She earned a certificate for recitation. She recited the poem of the potters wheel without a bit of help! She is such a good student. I have really nocticed how much she is taking responsibility for her grades. She has all A's so far and one B.
She is a dear little girl blooming into a beautiful young lady. TOOOOO FAST!