Friday, December 19, 2008

What is Sexy?

MMM.....I dare say I am in agreement with People in español! Mexican men are the sexiest. There is just something about a hunk with a big sombrero on a stately steed. I have always been attracted to cowboys and mostly Mexican ones. Mexican men(most) are very handsome, not only in their looks but also about the way they dress, their presence, and their confidence. A tight pair of Guess jeans helps a lot too.

When I met my husband (who is 100% Mexican by-the-way) he smelled so sexy lightly scented with POLO cologne and had a killer pair of pinto pony boots. I could not resist I had to have a kiss from those mustache hidden lips. I was long gone,no going back,I was hooked line and sinker for this cowboy.

But I must say Latin men have always had a mysterious sexiness about them.
Remember Eric Estrada from C.H.I.P.S.? I never missed a show and I had his picture plastered on my bedroom wall. Then I found Jimmy Smits. Uh huh! Another hunk with Hispanic descent. He swooned many with his hard serious character on NYPD Blue.
Most recently I "fell in love" with Adriano Moraes a Brazilian Professional Bull Rider and his buddy Guilherme Marchi this years PBR World Champion.
Talk about sexy in a pair of blue jeans! These muscular Brazilians upon a bucking bull will knock your sox off. Shoooooo!
All in all, I am smitten. Sexy is fun and doesn't have to be crude. Provocative is appropriate in its place.
What is sexy to you? Feel free to leave a comment but keep it clean:)

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