Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 it's about Time!

So it is a new year huh? I have to admit I am not really feeling a shocking revelation coming on or anything. All I know is that I have to do my taxes soon ugh!

Seriously. I am really bummed out about Univision firing Fernando Del Rincon. He was one of my favorite periodistas. I watched his interview on Rojo Vivo and he looked so dejected and deceived. Don't get me wrong, I do not condone in any shape or form domestic violence. But, I do agree that those in the media and lime light seem to get their dirty laundry aired in an unfair way. If it was a neighbor that was going through the same thing would it be that interesting? I really hope to see him on another channel soon. Don't you think he would look so perfect next to Maria Celeste?

One great thing about a new year is that I finally have more vacation time. I already used 4 days. I could not help myself. I planned to get lots of things done, but as usual spent most of my time with my children and hubby and on the computer. I did, however, get the refrigerator cleaned out...I don't know about you but that is one of my least favorite chores around the house. I can vacuum all day, rearrange and dust, even fold laundry. To clean the refrigerator is like making me eat liver and peas for dinner. Yuck, double yuck! Now I have to confess it was worth the agony. I just sigh happily, with this silly little smile on my face each time I look at the sparkling shelves. I do a chicken dance when I actually find things with out spilling something. Which my family finds much more enjoyable than my uncontrollable screaming and throwing of things toward the trash can when I can't find any room in the refri for the tortillas. Boy o' boy on my sparkly shelves are sticks of butter and milk and cream cheese just a waitin' to be used. So tomorrow, I plan to do some baking. Woo hoo! I love to make cookies and they make my house smell so good. One of my favorite down times is chatting on Etsy and having a nice hot cuppa coffee and some cookies. Mmmmmmmm! Hasta mañana y compartiré unas fotos deliciosas de las galletas. Check back tomorrow for some yummy pics!

What are your favorite cookies to make or eat? Tell me about your favorite down time?


DaynaDos said...

Thanks for the follow! You have some really cute stuff!

Jean Elizabeth said...

Great big welcome and Thanks Daynados! Hope you enjoy Lilac Lane Livery and be sure to come back often.