Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What an Eventful week!

Wow! These last few weeks of January really got away with me. It feels like just yesterday that I was freezing in below zero weather and my fingers were cold typing on the compu. Things have been topsy turvy to say the least.

During the last cold snap our yearling Dorado went 'down'. I am such a novice at taking care of horses. None the less, I knew when my husband called me at work it was not a good thing for a horse to be 'down'. Horses usually lay down at night to sleep, but, the problem with this little guy is that he had no energy to get back up. After a very expensive vet visit and blood tests there appeared to be nothing wrong. So it was going on hunches and playing it by ear.

First, Dorado would not eat and could not get up on his own. My dear husband, who has had horses all his life was just not ready to give up on him. Dorado had already been down since Friday morning and we had almost lost hope by Saturday night. We thought for sure he would not make it through the night. Much to our surprise Dorado was bright eyed and hungry on Sunday morning. So after a bit of engineering and thought we had an idea.

We made a sling out of some canvas, rope and a thick stick. With a pully the neighbor graciously loaned us we had him up! With trembling legs he almost immediately stood on his own weight. As if miraculously, the make-shift sling and pully helped Dorado stay on his feet for 6 hours.

The next day we pulled him up again and he stayed standing and mobile for 2 days. Finally, tiring on Tuesday night he lay down again for a rest. Lastly, yesterday we pulled him up again in the AM and he is still standing and walking, eating and drinking like a horse;). He looks great. Not out of the woods completely yet but well on his way. So with this little adventure Dorado has found the dearest spot in the hearts of our family.

Some may have given up on the poor horse. But, not us here at Lilac Livery. We are kinda like Diego, animal rescuers. After all Dorado is part of the family and we will keep working with him until he is better. All this really taught me a lesson in self sacrifice. I will forever be a horse lover and advocate for adacuate care and rescue!

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TexNan said...

I applaud you and your husband. I'm the same way with my cats, but sheesh getting a cat on its feet is a heckuva lot easier than doing so with a horse!