Monday, February 9, 2009

And the results are in..............

About being sick. It is just no fun. You can not craft, or blog, or even read. Forget about cleaning all together. And that is what drives me crazy. I am not a neat freak by any means but I can not stand stuff all over the place. A pile of unfolded laundry on the couch, trash can overflowing, toys in every room, and the sink full of dishes. About the most I got done this week was picking up toys and folding clothes. And there is still a mountain of both,well, a mountain of everything really. My house looks like a bunch of sick people live in it!

My son has to have every horse he owns out at the same time with his race track and roller coaster and match box cars. Plus, if he can scarf something off my computer desk without me knowing it, it ,will end up in his toys. He especially likes pencils that he can chew the erasers off of, tape and glue sticks.

My daughter wears things once and it is on the floor. Even though we have had this discussion, like, 599 times she still does not get the point of folding or hanging up. (i guess i didn't either and my mom says pay backs are heck aren't they.)

I tried to sit down and make a few ATC for swapping but still sit among the scissors, paper and rubber stamps from yesterday.

But, its Monday and I am back on track. ha ha ha not too much but at least I can breath and my eyeball does not feel like it is going to pop out of my head anymore. Sheesh, what ever I had was a bum kicker, I tell ya!

I will follow up later with what I accomplish and maybe some of the ATC's.

Until then.

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