Friday, January 8, 2010

Altered Puzzle Pieces

One of my favorite hang outs is Flickr.  I'm always looking for copyright free images or pincushion patterns or whatever else I need help making.  Recently my search lead me to these neat altered puzzle pieces.  I had to try them.  Problem was I did not realize what I was getting myself into.  Firstly, I did not have any puzzle pieces to use.  So... I found a template online that I printed and sized according to my needs.  Then I cut out each puzzle piece and glued it to light weight cardboard.  Then cut them out again.  Not pleased with the rough edges, I used a fingernail file to 'sand' the edges.  The blue one has about 3 layers on it because I struggled with a background that I liked.  It is my first one.  Well as trial and error always prevails, I ventured on.  I sanded and inked and added some vintage text and images.  Finally I embellished with some flowers and a dragonfly.  Satisfied.

The second one, that says I do, was much easier.  I drew the shape of the puzzle piece directly on to the image.  Positioning it to show most of the ladies face and hand.  Then I glued it to the cardboard.  Sand, Ink,a dded some lace and a big rock and lastly ribbon and little metal key.  Wow!  This one was my favorite. 

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