Monday, April 26, 2010

Is a Credit Card part of your Art Tool Box?

Not to long ago I posted to PDA an interesting discussion on unusual craft tools. I thought my most unusual tool was a grommet wrench, but I was soon to be surprised.   While reading one of my favorite craft mags I  found a rather ironic mention of credit cards.  Why ironic?  I have worked for a major credit card company for over 20 years and have never heard of using a credit card for anything other than getting people into debt.  However, there is hope and pratical use for the credit card in today's carfting community.  And believe it or not it is not to finance your latest trip to the art store!  Did you know that credit cards can be used for spreading paint or smoothing glue onto the surface of your art project?  I am sure those of you that have lived in the North have used a credit card or two for scraping ice off the windshield. What other unique uses have you found for your current or expired credit cards?  Today, as I went off to on of my favorite craft stores, the sales person used an old credit card to tear the coupon out of the weekly flyer!  Wow, it was a quick and clean cut and I am sure it was much easier to count the coupons at the end of her shift.  I have to admit the the 'new' unconventional uses of the credit card sure sound like the best use for one yet!

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