Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Madness

Ever feel like it will never end?  I mean really, I just get finished one project and am off on another.  I guess I have to admit that it is what keeps me alive.  I really enjoy my recent jump in to paper crafting.  I remember, even as a little girl I loved paper.  My SIL would bring us coloring books and crayons and paper and pens when she visited.  It was so fun.  I always wanted to keep every one clean and neat.  No dog eared corners, just smooth clean paper.

Later as a teen all my books and tablets were treasued.  No marks in them and no crinkled pages.  I could always do a bit of drawing but never a real artist.  Art class was not really my favorite.  But English and Grammar much more my style.  I think that takes me right back to my love of paper. 

Now I make paper flowers for my daughter and granddaughters and draw horses for my son.  I am not the same artist as my mother, but my kids love my creations just as we loved hers.(and still do).

As I grow, (no pun intended), I find my love of paper has also grown.  I now use the sheets I buy and make beautiful collages and atcs with them.  Now I have found beautiful things to make from paper.  I wrinkle it and tear it.  I soak it and ink it and even iron it!  My creations may not be yet at the level of a real arteeest,as we used to say as children.  However, they make me happy and after all I have to use up 20 years worth of paper!  I better get crackin' on to my next project!
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