Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Technique

Ok.... I have been reading again....this time about Golden Gel medium. (I am so lucky.) I found some at the craft store for 7.99 regular 21.99.  But, guess what?  The clerk only charged me .99 (it had been opened or spilled but still great)!   Getting to the point.  I used it for the first time on a collage for the PDA Pocket Packet Fridays Group. Entitled 'bliss' it is for a Pink challenge.   Golden Gel is a neat collage medium.  It dries fast and clear and it makes a nice smooth cover.  Great for protecting your collage while at the same time adding layers upon layers.  I could stamp on it and add glitter glue after it dried.  It really does require a steady hand when stamping as the stamp wants to slip a little. Have you ever had a stamp slip or a misplaced item and you may think it is a mistake but it actually adds to the interest of your piece?   I am pleased with the outcome.  You can see more Pocket Packet Friday entries here.  Come join the fun. 

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kim aka imagesbykim said...

Hi Jean,

Wow, this is a beautiful piece!I luv luv luv it!