Thursday, May 6, 2010

I need a personal trainer, housekeeper and organizer!

After a few days of lounging around (yeah right) I feel a bit overwhelmed with life.  My house is a wreck and so is my craft room.  I have a weeks worth of mail to go through and I feel sluggish on top of it all.  Spring takes a spring out of my step due to the tempature swings.   Despite it all, I had a great anniversary with my wonderful husband of 14 years.  I checked out some local flea markets and thrift stores and got a big bouquet of roses and a beautiful card.  I am a sap for words so that means more than anthing to me.  Needless to say, with all this excitement I am behind on all challenges on PDA.  Pretty bad when you can not even get an entry finished for your own group art challenge! 

But no worries,  I just finished  my altered puzzle entry a bit ago.(I left this page up while I finished it so I could come back a blog it).  It is called Dream Bubbles.  I added the whispy sheer ribbon to capture the feeling of blowing in the wind and the bubbles are stamped various colors of pastel to show a sheer look to them as the light shows through.   The crystal flowers also give the look of transparent color.  I tried out pearlex powder for the fist time and applied it to the background for a metalic look as if the sun showing brightly in the back.  Fun to make and even better to share with you!  Hope you like it!

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