Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Method

I just love making atcs and altered puzzle pieces!  My favorite part is looking for just the right image.  I start by applying a background to several blanks or puzzle pieces and then ink the edges.  Next I sift through my stash for just the right image.  I love vintages ladies and children.  Cats are a personal favorite too.  I often print on white cardstock and then ink the edges of the images with a matching color.  I use green, black or brown.  I am a big fan of distress inks and have a nice collection that match just about any background color.  After applying the image I then develope the theme or title of the piece. At this point I add a sealer, such as Krylon spray, to protect the images.  So far that has been the best for me as it does not smear the colors.  .   I add vintage touches such as lace, buttons, seam binding or other embellishments to round out the theme.  Lastly,  I like to add words or phrases and have a few collage pages I get the print from.  

Do you use cardstock for images or just regular printer paper?  Is it glossy or matte?  Do you ink the edges of the images before adding them or leave them plain?  What do you use to seal the finished piece? 

Love to hear your feedback.  Here is one simple altered puzzle piece I made with the above method. 

Golden Memories


Artyfax said...

Nice to read your technique Jean, always wonder how other artists approach their work. I always try to do this when I blog an art piece but not in as much detail.

BTW I use paper rather than card for one reason - my printer is limited! I do however use at least two layers of backing card so the the whole thing is sturdy and will last. Still experimenting with sealers.

Queen Bee said...

I love this one too! Really great! I love Mod Podge! I use it whenever I can. :)