Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogger Award

My dear friend and fellow blog artist Carole from nominated me for a blogger award.  Thank you Carole! 

Rules of the Award:- For a bit of FUN :)

1 - Thank and link to person who gave you the award

2 - Display the award on your blog

3 - Tell 6 outrageous lies and at least 1 outrageous truth about yourself or switch it round & tell six outrageous truths & 1 outrageous lie about yourself!

4 - Nominate 7 others and leave them a message to let them know!!
Here goes:  six outrageous thruths.
1.  My husband is from Mexico and is 25 years my senior.
2.  I have 13 cats.
3.  I gots C's in Spanish class and copied my best friends homework and now speak fluent Spanish.
4.  I was a hot box girl in the musical Guys and Dolls.
5.  My daughter is just like me (oh dear how your past comes back to haunt you).
6.  I am a computer junkee...I am on here allll the time.

1.  Im

I will nominate later...I gotta hit the sack!

1 comment:

audrey h. said...

This was so interesting to read especially the part about Spanish class. I took 3 years of Spanish class way back in high school and about the only thing I can say is 'puedo usar el bano' I do not know any spanish.