Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A remember ramble

I have not blogged for a while now, just not having those creative words running through my mind as of late.  There is a lot runnin' there but not sure what.  Wonderful Pennsylvania summer so far.  Swimming, visiting, just sitting out on the porch enjoying the weather.

Living in the mountains with almost no neighbors affords us so many luxuries.  No noise other than the rustling of the trees, the clatter of the guinea fowls and chickens and the rumble of a near by plane.  Nestled in the valley we really enjoy the cooler days(not so cool right now though) and the beautiful tall trees and mountain scape.

I grew up here and even after leaving the 'mountain' for a year or so, I came back home.  Never remembering how I said as a teenager "I hate this place!"  Especially when it snowed and I tried to navigate the driveway before we had it paved.  There was this huge sink hole in the middle and we had to try like 3 times to get over it.  You had to get this running start and floor it.  The old Volare would make er though!

Then there was walking down to the school bus with bread bags on our feet so we would not get dirty.  One time I remember stepping in mud and getting my white shoe and lace socks covered in yuck!  That is because as soon as mom could not see any more we took off the bread bags.  I mean, really who wanted to wait for the bus with bread bags on your feet?  Then for the longest time I had this re-occurring dream about going to school and not having any shoes on at all!

There are so many things to tell about living in 'Tabor Mt' I guess I will not get to all of them today.  But, I am grateful to my parents for bringing us here.   This will always be my home and I love it here...sssshhhhhh don't tell my mom I took off the bread bags.  She will chase me with the wooden spoon...now that is another story.

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Christina said...

Dear Jean... your bread bags on the feet cracked me up!! Sound so much like my Mom!