Wednesday, February 1, 2012


My friend Shannon and I are taking a very cool SheArt workshop together.  So far here is are some of my canvases and One finished girl. 
Pretty pleases with the way she came out.  Its funny but I never thought I could paint hair and doodle.  But here you go Christi makes it easy peasy!


Janet Ghio said...

I took this workshop last year--I loved it! Don't you just love the way Christy uses her fingers and just has paint all over them!! Your girl looks great!

Robin said...

Both you and Shannon are creating such beautiful pieces from this workshop! Love your backgrounds and the way your girl turned out....her collar is very cool.


Judith Tetley said...

Oh my; you have done so well with your 'She Art' canvas Jean. I have paid for the class and am just waiting for a quiet moment to start mine (got visitors....wish they would!) Better get a move on because the 'She Art No:2' starts in February and I want to do that one too.
Love your creations on your blog.
Kind Regards

Shannon said...

I think She is beautiful. Love the quote you picked for this girl. Awesome!

Sherry Edwards said...

Hi Jean,

Your She-Art girl is fabulous - and the background.

Like you, I was inspired to take the class after seeing a lot of She-Art Girls around on various blogs - it is a great course, I got so much more out of it than I thought I would.

Thanks for visiting my blog - you asked about what I made my girls on. Yes, it was just loose canvas I tore out from a Canvas Pad I have (it states it's 'acrylic gesso primed') made by Crimson & Blake. I couldn't bring myself to start with a proper canvas - but I've since done some using flat canvas boards (I don't know the proper name for them). I like using these the best as they can take any amount of paint/ink/whatever, and don't buckle - and if I don't like it, just paint over the top and start again.

I look forward to see more of your She-art :)