Saturday, April 18, 2015

Craft and Artistic Trends for 2015

Whats on trend for 2015?  After scouring the web for a few suggestions I have come up with a few ideas that will keep me inspired.   I have listed a few for you to try.

Rope! Ya rope, something that I would never think of for home decor.  Easy to come by and in many cool soft earthy colors.  You can even dye it! 

Try this,  wrap it around a mason jar(still hot this year) and you have a great storage container or candle holder.  Have some old tires laying around?  Rope wrap them for some cool planters or porch lounges.  Do a rope wreath for the door and lets not forget all the western decorators out there, this is your year to use rope, rope and more rope!

Recycle, reinvent, reuse.  Get out those old jeans you thought you were going to wear again and make a comfy patchwork quilt.  Cut off the back pockets for sweet little pockets of inspiration for your craft friends.  Pair with burlap and you have a rustic fabric combination for outdoor cushions or wreaths.

I love quotes!  Pieces of poems and snippets from classic books.  Experiment with calligraphy.  Its staying in 2015.   Lots of tutorials on line and if you are quick to pick it up you will have some pretty inexpensive wedding gifts.  Frame up a quote or poem for the bride and groom that they will cherish for a life time. 

Simple patterns, hearts, stars and arrows.  If you have been itching to start journaling and doodling this is fabulous for the beginner artist.  We have been drawing simple patterns since high school on our homemade paper bag text book covers.  Take it a step further and add some color and that calligraphy you just learned and  bam!  Your first doodle journal entry.

FOXES!  Those wise, sneaky adorably handsome creatures are popping up everywhere.  I love them even if they do eat our chickens, sometimes.  Remember the saying "put a bird on it"?  Well "put a fox on it"!  Crochet, watercolor, embroidery, journaling, and jewelry.  Be foxy and classy.  Simple and chic.

I have a few other ideas running though my head that I will be happy to share in a day or two about sharpies and mugs.  I am going to do some experimenting.

Speaking of experimenting.  What can you come up for 2015 trends?  Any ideas?  If you have made one of the above items and would like to be featured on my blog shoot me an email at

Happy crafting!

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