Monday, July 25, 2016

Return Adventure in Mixed Media

Mixed media has aways  been my first love when it comes to making art.  The idea of making things that don't normally go together fit in a small ATC square or mini canvas is intriguing to me.

I deviate from art technique to art technique, sewing, beading, clay, wool felt.  It is whatever I find the mood for at the time.  Much of my art is done as a therapy.  The calmness of listening to the radio and making art, hearing the birds sing in the morning, the smell of the spring air, summer heat.  Those are the things that make my soul want to create something.  Soothes my painful thoughts running around in my head, distress a stressful day.  Even if I only get a background done, or learn a new technique.  
It creates in me a sense of ahhhhh and awe. 

Here is a piece that helped me today.  It helped calm some of those jumbled up thoughts in my head.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do sharing it with you!