Tuesday, June 6, 2017


A special person asked me just a day ago why I had stopped blogging.  I really didn't have a good answer...  I suppose with today's social media craze it's easier to communicate with a few texts or copy a great quote and post it to your profile.  Upload some photos and you are done.

Well, I'll tell you a little secret, I am a creative.  Yes.  I love to create and in one way or another I try to incorporate that in my everyday life.  Creating things is what keeps me alive.  I suffer from depression and anxiety and a (self caused) stressful life.  It all comes with the depression thing...sigh...

However, when I sit down at my sewing machine or sift and sort through buttons or beads, or feel the textures of fabric and paper I feel at peace.  I don't have to make something that very moment but just the knowing that I am surrounded by artful things make me happy.  Oh yeah, and having a cup of coffee by my side too!

When I started my art journey as a mixed media artist, honesty it was difficult to find aspiring artists and it was such a learn as you go process.  Again social media to the rescue.  Video tutorials, look throughs and even mini Facebook vids are the normal.

However we look at it, inspiring oneself is all in the eyes of the artist and what appeal to him or her.  A question that has haunted me from the very beginning of my art journey into mixed media is how do you take that inspiration and turn it into your own?  Seriously, anyone who has an artful mind or crafty side can copy an idea someone else has already come up with, right?

So for me this has still been my dilema.  Feeling confident in my own twist on art to show it off to the world.  I have decided. inspiration comes from everywhere if you know how to "see" it or "hear" it.   I think that is how we also mature as "artists" when we begin to realize we can find inspiration anywhere. And as one artist friend stated, "find what makes you happy and go from there!"

So today is a rainy day..what inspires me today? Perhaps the calmness,with no hustle and bustle, the dripping of the raindrops on leaves and honeysuckle blooms reminds me of tinkling bells, or charms on a necklace..hmmm

So hear I sit, glad I've started to communicate my art again.  Thanking those in my life who have always believed in my talent and encourage me.    I leave you with something precious to me..a recent piece I gave to a friend..she had it framed and it is hanging in her home.  Now that is what I call inspiration!

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