Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fabric Story Journals

 Today I wanted to share with you some very special pieces that I am still working on.  I love vintage linens, and buttons, and bits and snipets that I can salvage from my previous projects.

Do you have one of those  "to cute to throw away but not sure what in the world I will do with it" baskets?

I do! And it was time to use some of it up to make room for more! 

I have had a pile of vintage photos just laying around, being moved from one place to another.  You know the old cabinet cards or black and white candids?  I kept looking through them trying to find the right idea...See to me, if the art is not useful in some way, I find that it is not as sale-able.  Maybe I am wrong..but my ability to vend my art has not been as successful as I would like.  I guess I come from an era of knick knacks and shelf sitters being considered dust collectors. And who has time to dust these days?

Recently journaling has been all the rage.  So I decided to try my hand at a few fabric 'story books". These are little stories told with vintage bits, and new, and are a treasure to keep forever.  I've kept with in my mixed media style as they are filled with texture, layering, color as well as a variety of mediums.

I think you will like this artful story.  Mother.  It takes you on a little journey through time with vintage feedsack fabrics, mother or pearl buttons, seam binding, vintage trim and even a bit of wall paper!  Take a look, aren't all the elements just gorgeous?

The second larger Story journal has not been finished and is a work of love I am still creating...I would love any suggestions...It has some gorgeous buttons, some salvaged linen embroidery, ruffles, velvet ribbons and bits from an old wedding dress.  The title is "Family ;Listen to your heart".

 And isn't that what life is all about? Family and Listening to your heart? 

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