Monday, June 12, 2017

Honor you ever stop in the middle of a project and just have to write down what you are feeling?  That is me today.

I have been working on story pennants and I am in love with the process!  When you look at a piece and know the very best element to finish it..or add to the interest that is what makes my heart skip a beat!  

As if, that snippet from a child's bonnet, or that bit of crocheted lace or a tiny button has to go here or there.  It's like home.  Bringing that memory or salvaged piece back to life again.  Re-creating a new and purposeful meaning for something otherwise long forgotten.

I love the tea stains, and the worn through bits, wrinkles and tears and chipped mother of pearl buttons.  Who's hands embroidered such delicate flowers or made such even stitches? The wonderment of it all..  What was behind the smile in an old photograph?  Those things, the vintage, the romantic, the beautiful in there flaws are my most cherished treasures. Oh and I have a trove of them!  

I never wanted to use my stash of mop bottons or rhinestone buckles or rusty keys and spoons but now I have found that when I use them to create a collage or piece of jewelry it really honors the pieces. 
I want to create with them and show them they are still of beauty and value.  

This is who I all these things I am a healer and a fixer and a creative and I have come to realize that these vintage things are truly like my friends and loved ones.  Ones that I have cherished over the years and want to them to know I have not forgotten.  I re-create the joy they bring me every day when I sit down and fiddle with a bit of tatted lace or search through piles of fabric pieces and tons of buttons. 

I will never forget how each one has touched my life in one way or another.  Each and every one of them is important in their own special way and therefore deserve our care.  So as for my baubles and bits, snippets and salvaged trinkets and memories...

I've decided they need shown off again.  

So look forward to more delicious bits to come!  

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